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Tom Austin austin at usf.teradyne.com
Sun Oct 1 12:45:11 PDT 2000

  Great ideas for the use of .net, .com, and .org.
~ If we choose Zope for WF Website NG (The Next Generation of WF Website),
~ which is looking highly likely ATM we will have something like this.
~ This brings up a topic that i belive never got resolved before,
~ www.worldforge.net, .com, .org Although this is still far in the future
~ with a Website reorgansation nearing the horizon that hopfully we last
~ (stuck with) the next 1-3 years it is important that we don't stuff up.
~ A plan that i have always like is the idea of making each domain a
~ "theme". My suggestions follow and have been mainly modeled around a
~ post bryce made to the previous thread about this topic.
~ With .com being the "players porthole" providing easy access for all a
~ worldforge's players needs. This would also be the place where
~ Worldforge approved Commerical entities are displayed and advertised. It
~ would highly likley include a Membership system where you can login and
~ have your own custom WF bookmarks and mabey even some time of "character
~ stats" or something similar. It would definitly be very "porthole" like
~ and be based around the players. The gloss and glamer part of
~ Worldforge.
~ .net would be the infrastructure backbone. It would be the mind hive for
~ all the Infra people. This place would catalogue active servers and
~ stats about them (which could then be included in .com). Mirroring,
~ backup and other Infrastructure services would be offered from this
~ section. As well it would be the hub for server admin, a place where
~ these people could take about how long there server has been running and
~ about other infra issues. This site would have some overlap with .org in
~ the running and matainance of a server can also be a developer issue.
~ .org would be the the developer hub. It would provide easy access for
~ everything a developer needs. News that wouldn't intrestes a player
~ would appear hear. Indepth documentation and discussion about how
~ servers, client code works. About anything to geeky for the players :).
~ Of course there would be plenty of overlap in each area, players would
~ need to find servers and admin would want to know about developer
~ issues, but this would help break down worldforge into manageable parts.
~ I belive that if we do this right then no matter how big WF gets we will
~ be able to handle it. The Worldforge future is grand! With Acorn 0.2
~ around the corner we have an actual working product! STAGE is slowly
~ starting! clients are looking wonderful! It an exciting time for WF and
~ i can't help but get excited and wonder what the future holds for us. 
~ And last of all i'm very glad that it is happening to such a greate
~ bunch of people :)
~ Mithro
~ PS Hrm this turn into some type of glory speech :)
~ Patrick McFarland wrote:
~ > 
~ > What we need is user logins, sorta like the my.sourceforge type page
~ > 
~ > Jack Cummings wrote:
~ > >
~ > > http://node15f6b.a2000.nl/pbcs/
~ > >
~ > > Comments?
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