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Tim Ansell mithro at senet.com.au
Mon Oct 2 15:38:20 PDT 2000

Well um according to the last post about it one the thread from you:

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2000 jack at Needle.mudshark.org wrote:
> > On Sun, Jan 16, 2000 at 01:33:16PM -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> > >       worldforge.org
> > >       worldforge.net
> > >       worldforge.com
> >
> > > worldforge.org
> > >    This domain will continue in the spirit and function of the current
> > >    site.  I.e., as a developer site.
> >
> > > worldforge.net
> > >    I would like this site to become a "WF Game Portal" - game downloads,
> > >    server lists, advertisements, etc. - so we won't have to maintain
> > >    that info under the org site.  It'd be in concept not unlike a cross
> > >    between Kali and Freshmeat.
> >
> > > worldforge.com
> > >    This site would become the commercial arm of our project.  Anything
> > >    strongly commerce-oriented would be quaranteened over here.  Rather
> > >    than being owned and operated by a single commercial endeavor, this
> > >    would serve as a "WF Business Portal" where people interested in fund
> > >    raising or company building can fit into our overall project
> > >    structure.
> >
> > Alright, should I start making zone files?
> Actually, I think you already did (at least to make them redirect to the
> .org site, which is what we want right now).  :-)
> I need some more time to figure precisely the strategy for the various
> domains.  I've got a pretty good idea in mind, but it's the details that
> remain to be filled in.  A big driver will be the interests of people
> who want to help build and maintain the sites at these domain names.
> So far, grover and cyanide have indicated a strong interest in being
> involved with worldforge.com.  Mithro has seemed very interested in
> hosting the worldforge.net site.  But take a few weeks at least to let
> things ripen before taking action.  We've got a lot of griddles in the
> bonfire right now that still need our concentration.
> But as you have time, jack, I'd love to get your help starting to sort
> things out with these domains.  (Btw, you mentioned something about our
> DNS being non-commercial oriented - is this still true?  If so, then
> we'll need to add DNS to the list of Things To Be Tackled.)
> --
> Bryce Harrington
> bryce @ neptune.net

There doesn't seem to be anything more about it until now. :)

Nothing was decided and i still disagree with your organsiation :) 

The arugment before was that .com should not be dedicated to commercial
arm of WF, because:
1. Commercial involvment could happen on the infrastructure side
(Commercial gamming servers, websites etc), developer side (Commercial
development of servers with full time paid programmers), and gammers.
Personally i think it would be extremly hard for you to seperate the
Commercial stuff from normal stuff. Commercial entities also fit very
nicley into a "WF Porthole" which is why i suggest you put the porthole
here. The porthole would contain links to commercial sections and
commercial games as well as the normal stuff. BTW I belive that the
commercial people shouldn't be treated any diffrent from non comercial
people - it all comes down to what they have to offer in the end.

2. The game porthole doesn't really have much to do with .net - the only
part that is relevent to a .net be finding servers which is an
infrastructure issue. Wouldn't it be better to have .net a more
infrastructure oriented?


I belive the summary of the thread was that Bryce would have the final
say on it because he owns the worldforge domains.

Anyway that happened at the start of the year, mabey some free
discussion about it with the new blood and now more experanced old blood
would be called for?


Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Actually, it was in fact decided a year ago.  I just think you had your
> own ideas.  ;-)
> Bryce
> On Mon, 2 Oct 2000 ansells at senet.com.au wrote:
> > It was discussed about a year ago but nothing was decided in the end i belive.
> > It will soon start becomeing more important though so it would be a good thing
> > to start thinking about again..
> >
> > Mithro
> >
> > > Good Ideas.
> > >
> > > Although, I thought this(.net .com .org) was discussed over a year ago.
> > >
> > > > ~ This brings up a topic that i belive never got resolved before,
> > > > ~ www.worldforge.net, .com, .org Although this is still far in the future
> > > > ~ with a Website reorgansation nearing the horizon that hopfully we last
> > > > ~ (stuck with) the next 1-3 years it is important that we don't stuff up.
> --
> Bryce Harrington
> bryce @ neptune.net
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