[WF-General] Re: [WF-Infra] Project Based Web Calendar.

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Oct 2 12:49:04 PDT 2000

On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Tim Ansell wrote:
> Nothing was decided and i still disagree with your organsiation :) 

Tough, you've not made your case compellingly enough.  And you spell
portal oddly.  ;-)  If you want to change my mind you're going to have
to try harder to convince me.

> The arugment before was that .com should not be dedicated to commercial
> arm of WF, because:
> 1. Commercial involvment could happen on the infrastructure side
> (Commercial gamming servers, websites etc), developer side (Commercial
> development of servers with full time paid programmers), and gammers.
> Personally i think it would be extremly hard for you to seperate the
> Commercial stuff from normal stuff. Commercial entities also fit very
> nicley into a "WF Porthole" which is why i suggest you put the porthole
> here. The porthole would contain links to commercial sections and
> commercial games as well as the normal stuff. BTW I belive that the
> commercial people shouldn't be treated any diffrent from non comercial
> people - it all comes down to what they have to offer in the end.
> 2. The game porthole doesn't really have much to do with .net - the only
> part that is relevent to a .net be finding servers which is an
> infrastructure issue. Wouldn't it be better to have .net a more
> infrastructure oriented?
> :)
> I belive the summary of the thread was that Bryce would have the final
> say on it because he owns the worldforge domains.
> Anyway that happened at the start of the year, mabey some free
> discussion about it with the new blood and now more experanced old blood
> would be called for?
> Mithro

Bryce Harrington
bryce @ neptune.net

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