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Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Wed Oct 4 00:05:27 PDT 2000

Before we dive into the character stuff, I need your help getting the
player account system set up.  Malkin and malcolm were setting up the
player account data table in the database yesterday, and I've been
tweaking Mercury around all weekend (and will continue doing so through
the next week.  

The Account class is present, although I think it needs some cleanup
work.  What I need your help with is programming the logic to manage the
accounts themselves.  For instance, accounting for the number of Circe
Points in their account, locking banned accounts, testing if sufficient
time has passed for temporary bans, submitting information to and loading
information from the database (malkin and malcolm will be supplying you
with example code that you will need to adapt for the account system).  
And so forth.  

An approach I think you could find profitable is to generate a range of
use-cases for player accounts, and try to exhaust all of the possible
modes of operation that we'd expect to encounter with a few different
kinds of games (consider Pong, Acorn, Mason, Belchfire, and so forth).
Hit some of the other STAGE developers up to each review the document
and provide feedback on them.  I think Lee and Pato would be good for
you to get involved in this, because I think they'd like to learn what
use-cases are.  If you can get John Sheet's feedback, do so; he provides
quite detailed and well thought out advice.

With the use cases in hand, I think you (or someone under your guidance)
can probably dive right into the code straight off.  Make sure you
understand how the account system fits into the rest of the code - we
want to make sure we're putting round pegs in round holes, rather than
square pegs into a gear box.  ;-)

Once the player account code is well in hand, then we'll be prepared to
move into the character code.  Since you'll know how the player accounts
work inside and out, I think you'll have the experience we'll need to
get into the character code in a big way.

Does that sound like a good plan?  The stage team is running with a good
head of steam, and I've a feeling we'll be charging through our first
milestone (being able to log into the server and set up a new account)
purty quick.

Alright, while you're working on the use cases, I'm going to try to
figure out how to get Atlas more fully integrated into Mercury.  (If
someone else is looking for something networky/protocolish to do, I
could use an extra pair of skillful eyes on the code.)


On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Oliver White wrote:

> What is the status of libCirce? I can't see any doco on the website...
> The reason I ask is that I'd like to begin work on the character data
> side of things in Stage. From there those that wish to work on character
> editors, and so forth, can, and I can start playing around with
> manipulating character data in Stage.
> Sounds like fun, eh?
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