[WF-General] libCirce

Tess Snider malkin at Radix.Net
Wed Oct 4 04:03:19 PDT 2000

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Bryce Harrington wrote:

> Before we dive into the character stuff, I need your help getting the
> player account system set up.  Malkin and malcolm were setting up the
> player account data table in the database yesterday, and I've been
> tweaking Mercury around all weekend (and will continue doing so through
> the next week.  

Actually, we just fleshed out a tenative MySQL-specific CREATE for the
player table.  It does not, in fact, actually appear in any database
anywhere.  It hasn't even been tested.  I'm fine for now with writing
MySQL-compatible SQL scripts, and I can make copies, translated into legal
SQL92, as we go (so that later on, we can write stuff that will load up
the SQL92 and extrude it through the ODBC drivers to any old database, to
build the appropriate tables, and whatnot).

> The Account class is present, although I think it needs some cleanup
> work.  What I need your help with is programming the logic to manage the
> accounts themselves.  For instance, accounting for the number of Circe
> Points in their account, locking banned accounts, testing if sufficient
> time has passed for temporary bans, submitting information to and loading
> information from the database (malkin and malcolm will be supplying you
> with example code that you will need to adapt for the account system).  
> And so forth.  

Hrm.  Circe points need to persist, but they aren't the kind of thing I
want to put into the base player table, as they are a system-specific
concept.  Perhaps we need to define a way to extend the player data.  (We
have a way to extend character data, but that's a whole different ball of
wax.  Someone with no characters at all could still have Circe points, if
she earned them, and all of her characters are dead.)  Perhaps we can give
the player table an extra column which provides an entity ID representing
an entity which stores game-specific player extension parameters.  For a
game like Pong, or an RTS, this could store your tournament ladder
ranking, and play statistics.  For Belchfire, it could store Circe points.
For any game, it could store any additional player (not character!)
related data that the administrators wished to track.


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