[WF-General] libCirce

Oliver White ojw at iinet.net.au
Wed Oct 4 15:36:49 PDT 2000

Bryce Harrington wrote:

> Before we dive into the character stuff, I need your help getting the
> player account system set up.  Malkin and malcolm were setting up the
> player account data table in the database yesterday, and I've been
> tweaking Mercury around all weekend (and will continue doing so through
> the next week.

Sounds interesting. I'll have to have a look at their SQL. Is there room to
extend it if need be, or is it considered fixed?

> An approach I think you could find profitable is to generate a range of
> use-cases for player accounts, and try to exhaust all of the possible
> modes of operation that we'd expect to encounter with a few different
> kinds of games (consider Pong, Acorn, Mason, Belchfire, and so forth).

Use case could be useful, I'll also look at developing a state chart for the
account class.

> Hit some of the other STAGE developers up to each review the document
> and provide feedback on them.  I think Lee and Pato would be good for
> you to get involved in this, because I think they'd like to learn what
> use-cases are.  If you can get John Sheet's feedback, do so; he provides
> quite detailed and well thought out advice.

Yeah, this looks like a good way for me to get into the coding community.

> With the use cases in hand, I think you (or someone under your guidance)
> can probably dive right into the code straight off.  Make sure you
> understand how the account system fits into the rest of the code - we
> want to make sure we're putting round pegs in round holes, rather than
> square pegs into a gear box.  ;-)

I'll try not to fuck things up too much, captn. ;-)

> Once the player account code is well in hand, then we'll be prepared to
> move into the character code.  Since you'll know how the player accounts
> work inside and out, I think you'll have the experience we'll need to
> get into the character code in a big way.

Great! Sounds like fun. :-)

> Does that sound like a good plan?  The stage team is running with a good
> head of steam, and I've a feeling we'll be charging through our first
> milestone (being able to log into the server and set up a new account)
> purty quick.

Yeah, Stage's time has come. The work you've put in preparing us for it has
been commendable.

I'll have a design up tommorow night and have it posted to the list.


Oliver White

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