[WF-General] Player Database

Richard Wilkins wilkins at iinet.net.au
Thu Oct 5 02:04:37 PDT 2000

Hi, I'm new here, my name's Andrew Wilkins, I'm 16 and come from Australia.

Okay there's the intro...I noticed you had only a bool for the IS_ADMIN element. Given that there will be occupations on an RPG such as world building, which may or may not be coupled with general administration, wouldn't it be wise to have a range of levels of 'superiority', such that someone with a lower level could not delete a character/ban an account, but stick just to their job. I'm not sure what the range of abilities for the admins on WF are (because I'm a naughty boy...no because I only joined the mailing list yesterday), so what I'm saying could be irrelevant. I probably shouldn't bring up Ultima Online, I might get shot, but I will.

I was a GM on an Australian non-OSI Ultima Online server, for those of you who are unfamiliar with UO, this means an unofficial emulated server. There are Admins, GMs, Seers and Councellors, ranging most superior to least in that order. The Admins could anything they wanted, naturally, while councellors existed purely for guidance (e.g. to help out newbies with a problem)...but they couldn't change anything on the server. They could teleport and were immortal, but that's it.

This case example is just an example of something which could be used on a server where the admins don't necessarily want all staff to be super-users.

Anyway, that's about it...I'll get back to downloading the source *snigger*

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