[WF-General] Privilages and Role 'Patterns'

Oliver White ojw at iinet.net.au
Thu Oct 5 12:26:20 PDT 2000

Alistair Riddoch wrote:

> You need to be careful here. It sounds like you are mixing together two
> completely different issues. The privilages of an Account (inserting new
> creatures, banning a user etc. ) are completely different from the
> abilities of a Character (casting a spell, picking a lock, carrying a heavy
> weight, being able to talk), and must be dealt with differently. If a
> Players character loses or gains one of these abilities, this change will
> not apply to any other character that player might have.

Yep. Everyone insists that the two be separated. However, there's a lot of
similarity in how we manage characters and how we manage players/admins.

Oliver White

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