[WF-General] I had a dream, or 4.

Richard Wilkins wilkins at iinet.net.au
Sat Oct 7 05:15:47 PDT 2000

Hello everyone,

I was lying in bed reading Freud's - The Interpretation of Dreams, and
thought of a few things. They are in no way connected to dreams, I just
have thoughts at strange times...and this time I remembered them because
I wrote them down. These are all just thoughts to be debated, nothing to
be taken too seriously...because I'm just a little to naive to
practicality :)


Dream 1.

To create realistic movement of objects, using physics principles of

Probably already been mentioned in the past, but I don't know that. It
may be impractical in programming and, in particular, a program as
lag-aware as a game. Using principles of energy & work, movement could
be variable, depending on a number of factors. As an example a simple
collision will be used. Object A colides with object B.

Factors contributing to determining movement/work :-
1. Mass of A.
2. Mass of B.
3. Velocity of A.
4. Velocity of B.

This example disregards any foreign forces applying to either object,
including further collisions.


Dream 2.

Different states of matter, i.e. liquid, solid and gas. This would
definitely require dynamic temperature, and so is also probably quite
impractical. It's still a thought though :o)


Dream 3.

Should movement always be undertaken a shortest path? While a shortest
path will make a character zoom around with no worries about the
environment they are in, it decreases realism. Speed and knowledge of
environment have, and always will be an important factor in everyday
life, and also in battle. Take for example Caesar. His success in battle
was often due to quick action, knowing his environment, which ultimately
led to speed.

My thoughts are that for NPCs, a shortest path could be developed via
memory, or having a map of some sort. Having been through a path a
number of times, and having taken different routes to the same place is
a sure-fire way of developing a shortest path, or what they think is the
shortest path.


Dream 4.

Memory in NPCs could vary between different species of fauna. For
example, Goldfish have a memory of only a few seconds, as far as I can
remember ... no pun intended! While evolution of organic life is far too
complex, preset memory terms could be created. Something like ... every
few seconds the Goldfish loses its memory :)

Use case - Andrew puts too much fish-food in the fish-bowl, in which a
Goldfish presides

Fish thinks: Ooo ... you put food in my fishbowl, and I can't remember
if I'm hungry or not, so I'll eat it.
Fish thinks: Ooo ... you put food in my fishbowl, and I can't remember
if I'm hungry or not, so I'll eat it.
Fish dies from eating too much.

I did mean to write that twice :)

Okay that's it!

Andrew Wilkins

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