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Aloril aloril at iki.fi
Sat Oct 7 14:08:58 PDT 2000

... for those that didn't get it.

Short version:
GFDL(+GPL?) for new wiki/doc/media material?
GFDL(+GPL?) to be added as additional license(s) for old OPL material?

If you want to vote against relicensing, vote now.

If you are for relicensing, you can reply now or reply later for
simpler mail about asking whether we can *add* new license(s) to your
material contributed under OPL license.
(simple mail only mailed to those that don't reply now)

So far based on results seem 'relicensing' will quite likely happen:
                 a)  b)  c)  d)  e)  f)  g)  until end of year 2000
Total yes:       20      2   12* 8*  20  13  6
Total no:                11      2       1
Total voters: 21
*: generic 'yes' only counted at a) and f)

Note that material contributed under OPL will remain *also* under OPL
regardless of what is decided.

-------------------------------- vote mail sent earlier ----
We are mailing you about *adding* another license(s) to your existing

You have contributed to:
- media cvs module
- http://www.worldforge.org/images/
- wiki according to Bryce's wiki summary of Dec 1999

(above taken from 
http://www.worldforge.org/website/about/licensing/OPL_authors )

(It is possible that you get following content to more than one
address, I'm sorry if that happens)

Current license:

OPL: http://www.opencontent.org

Proposed additions:

GFDL: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html
GPL: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html



OPL (OpenContent Public License) doesn't require source format when
distributing changes/additions.

For more see: 

Commercial usage:

OPL disallows commercial usage

For more see:

Note that GFDL/GPL licenses are not compatible with OPL and thus
eventually if decided that we switch we need to move OPL stuff to
separate section, for more about collections see:


Note that all existing stuff would remain licensed under OPL *also*
regardless on what is decided.

Old stuff:

a) Are you willing to relicense under chosen licenses? 
b) If not, then what work you are not willing to relicense? 

New stuff:

c) Should we keep using using OpenContent Public License? 
d) Should we use GFDL instead?
e) Should we also license under GPL? 
f) If decision is to convert into using GFDL and/or GPL: do you agree to
   use selected license(s) when contributing? (if different answer to
   GFDL, GPL and GFDL+GPL cases: specify)
g) Should we have option for adding/removing licenses as specified in
   following section?

Adding/removing license from list:

License can be added or removed to the list if: 2/3 of members agree
and quoting RMS: "Removing a license from the list would not
retroactively terminate that license for people who obtained materials
when that license was on the list."

In addition license must in spirit be like this: 

It must require source format (sometimes same as object format). It
must allow almost all freedoms (including commercial usage), except
removing freedoms.

Examples: GPL, GFDL, DSL 

(do we need above section? is there danger for 'contributor list

How voting member is defined:

There is page in wiki/web/some other suitable place with list of all
contributors and their email addresses which should not contain any
name that has not contributed anything.

If contributor is not listed there, then (s)he allows 2/3 majority of
voting members automatically to decide for her/himself.

If contributor is listed there, but (s)he doesn't vote or is
unreachable during voting by using email address given there: same as
not being listed for voting purposes.

Unreachable: if 3 mails during one month spaced about 1 week between
them doesn't elicit any reply.

Conversion period

We likely need some period where new stuff is licensed both under OPL
and new chosen license(s): few month - half year. During that period
stuff that can't be relicensed should be moved to 'old' section.

Is until end of year 2000 OK?

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