[WF-General] Joining the WorldForge Team

Wuzzeb wuzzeb at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 16:57:44 PDT 2000

Hi.  My name is John Lenz and I want to join the
worldforge team.

A quote from Bruce's whitepaper on STAGE.
"But two problems became evident. First, that the
individuals sometimes didn't have a particular task in
mind - they just wished to do something that was
needed, and were not terribly interested in working in
solitude on a product of their own."

I believe this describes me perfectly.  I know I don't
have enough experience  in programming to write a
client by myself, but love RPG's and programming.

First, a little about my programming experience.  I am
a student and during the summer am a part time
programmer in Visual Basic and Visual Foxpro.  I have
learned the C/C++ language, but all of the programs I
have written in C++ have been to learn the language. 
I feel that I have a good understanding of the core
C++ language, like syntax for templates and
polymorphism.  What I lack is programming experience
with C++ i/o (like sockets or graphics) and different
programming techniques in C++.   If you know anything
about Visual Basic and Foxpro, most of the programming
experience I have gained from those languages will be
of little use to C++ programming.
I have played MUD's quite a bit.  The main source code
that I played on was SMAUG.  Right after I first
started playing MUD's, I wanted to program a MUD.  I
never found a job coding for a SMAUG mud and did not
want to start my own mud (inexperience again).  I
recently found the worldforge site and want to get
involved in the project.

I have spent about a week reading the web site and the
different project overviews.  My interest (I am not
sure about skill) is server-side.  Right now with my
current programming experience, a rules implementation
like Mason or Acorn would be easier for me to begin
working on, but I also would enjoy programming server.

Just as the quote said, I want to program, but beyond
that I do not have a real preference.  What projects
need helpers?  More importantly, what projects will I
be able to help with?  (I do not have anything against
learning new stuff.  I think this project is a good
chance to learn and I want to learn.)

Thanks for your time,

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