[WF-General] Joining the WorldForge Team

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Oct 9 02:24:32 PDT 2000

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Wuzzeb wrote:
> Just as the quote said, I want to program, but beyond
> that I do not have a real preference.  What projects
> need helpers?  More importantly, what projects will I
> be able to help with?  (I do not have anything against
> learning new stuff.  I think this project is a good
> chance to learn and I want to learn.)

I'm not going to bore you all with a repeat of the detailed project
status and direction email I posted a couple weeks ago, but just a quick
sum up of tasks in need of volunteers:

I have it on good authority that XClient is looking for people
interested in 3D Client development.  I would wager that in addition to
skilled 3D graphics coders, Sal is looking for people with at least one
of the following skills:
   * GUI Design
   * Website authoring
   * C++
   * libAtlas-C++
   * Software testing
   * Code review

Cyphesis is in the process of getting its internals turned from Python
into C++.  Alistair and Aloril may be interested in getting some help
with this.  Skills they'd be looking for include some or all of the
   * Python (& SWIG)
   * C++
   * libAtlas-C++

STAGE could use some developers.  We're specifically looking for people
with at least one of the following skills:  
   * Perl&UNIX (writing a driver script)
   * C++ (& STL desired)
   * libAtlas-C++
   * Software testing
   * Design Documentation (& UML desired)
   * MySQL
   * Website authoring
   * Code review
I've also created a list of other side projects that people could work
on, in the "JOBS" file in the STAGE CVS dir.  These are things a person
could work on independently of the core team.

Website reorganization - While not actively recruiting people, the web
developers probably could use a hand getting the initialization of the
next major rennovation of the website complete.  Some skills of value
   * HTML
   * Documentation & Editing
   * Good organizational skills

Other projects that are active and could use developers include: 

UClient - 2D ISO client
Acorn 0.3 - Next release of the Acorn game
MELon - A module system being developed for all servers & clients
Mason 0.1 - The next WorldForge game endeavor after Acorn
MetaServer - DragonM's server of servers

Pretty much, anything you're interested in, or want to know more about,
you're welcome to join or ask.  Post your questions or volunteer to help
for one of the above tasks (or any of the tasks listed in our website or
CVS) on this mailing list.

Bryce Harrington
bryce @ neptune.net

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