[WF-General] Distinguishing Admin and Player

Andrew Wilkins [Massive] toodles at Datablocks.net
Mon Oct 9 05:59:17 PDT 2000

> What is the difference between an Admin and a Player?

While I'm not currently a part of the coding for such things, I'm still
allowed to voice my opinion aren't I? :o)

I'll write which I think should be admin, which shouldn't. Remember also
we were discussing admin ability bit-fields (for server list I know, but
I won't ramble) - we can keep in mind there's no necessity to limit to
an admin and player, but also in-betweens.

> The reason I ask, is that I can anticipate a continuum from
> brand-spankin' new newbie, to guy-who-kicks-the-hardware-daily.  For
> instance:
> Newbie
> Average player
> Guru player who knows everyone on the server
> Mentor who walks newbies through the ropes of getting started
> Bug chaser, who is into seeking out bugs in-game and reporting them
> Tattler, who habitually complains about abusers to others
> Vigilantes, who take on task of "cleaning out" cheaters
> One who composes background music for his guild and for others
> Player who draws character portraits for GM quests, for CP's

All of above, I recommend should be bereft of admin abilities, bar
possibly the mentor, vigilante and bug-chaser. Mentors could possibly
have the ability to teleport to a newbie? Though this would certainly be
running risk of crooked people...
Bug-chasers may be inable to locate bugs if they are, for example, only
associated with administration commands.
Vigilantes would obviously be more effective if they have better skills.
Though, a mixture of both admin & players would be a good idea, too.

> Person who doesn't play, but submits bug patches sometimes

I don't know how bug patches will be applied, out of or in game. If
in-game - unlikely if most people think as I do, but then I'm half
insane - the person should have the ability to apply patches :o) This
would only be safe if the person is a wizard at getting patches just
right, otherwise things might go *boom*

> Developer who helps create quests, and has 5 char's in game
> SysAdmin who runs the computer system
Admin. No comment :o)

~Andrew Wilkins

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