[WF-General] Cheaters (was: Distinguishing Admin and Player)

Tess Snider malkin at Radix.Net
Mon Oct 9 14:18:05 PDT 2000

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Alistair Riddoch wrote:

> > Vigilantes, who take on task of "cleaning out" cheaters
> Such a role could be effectively fulfilled without breaking the game
> paradigm. Such a Player could have a character who is an officer in the
> town guard who could arrest cheaters, and lock them up in the town jail. (*)

Personally, I have *always* found attacking OOC problems, IC, distasteful,
and it is one of the ways in which my philosophies have always differed
from Raph Koster's.  Keep in mind that UO thought that they could deal
with the OOC problem of grief players through IC means, and it never
worked right.  I'm in favour of banning cheaters, with a few important

1.)  If the cheater comes clean, and reports a heretofore unknown exploit
to the admins (or, hell, even fixes the source :) ), then he is exempt for
any punishment resulting from that *specific* cheat, beyond revoking any
extremely unbalancing gains it may have won him.  Further, the admins will
take pains not to leak the identity of the individual who reported the
bug, as the player may be subject to abuse and harassment by other

2.)  If it can be demonstrated that the cheater used the cheat only once
or twice, experimentally or accidentally, instead of using it extensively
and deliberately, then the administration will show a small amount of
lenience.  On the one hand, players should be responsible for reporting
any bugs or exploits they found.  On the other hand, if the player was
just trying to verify a rumour that he heard on the grapevine, or
*accidentally* discovered the problem, and was not really using it for any
kind of gain, it's a little hard-assed to ban him for that.

Because we are designing things such that modifying the client and using
macros are NOT considered to be cheating, I think we can be a little
draconian towards cheaters, in general.  That said, however, this entire
issue is a matter of administrative discretion.  Not all games handle
cheaters the same way (and one could argue that that is a GOOD thing).
Also, what one game considers cheating, another might not.

You have been teleported into The Department of Justice.
You say, "Bummer."
JanetReno says, "I hear you've been cheating again."
You say, "What do you *mean* cheating?  I was just doing business!"
JanetReno says, "My records show that you have been exercising the
	Antitrust exploit."
You say, "No!  It was just business.  Everyone does this stuff.  It was
	Sun talking to you again, wasn't it?  Or was it Apple?
	MarcAndeeesen?  It's all lies!  Those bastards can't play the
	game as well as I can, so they're out to get me!"
JanetReno waves her wand and BillGates turns into a toad.
You ribbit, "You're stifling my innovation!"
*** You have been disconnected.

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