[WF-General] Cheaters (was: Distinguishing Admin and Player)

Tess Snider malkin at Radix.Net
Mon Oct 9 16:13:43 PDT 2000

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Alistair Riddoch wrote:

> Compelling arguments, which I have to say I now agree with. Anyone actually
> found to be actually cheating should be banned, and this itself is best
> done OOC. Having said that (and straying off topic), the character in question
> should not just disapear in a puff of smoke. Is it best to arrange to the
> character to meet a sticky end, dragged off into a deep dark oubliette,
> never to be seen alive again, or turned into an NPC, or something else?

Oh, yes, certainly.  Actually, players will tend to disappear for many
reasons, including banning, loss of interest in the game, and even player
death.  When I vanished from AmberMUSH, I didn't leave any instructions or
explanations regarding my primary character, and the folks in the game did
a fine job of building an assassination plot to explain her disappearance.
I joked with someone once that wow, she must *really* be dead.  If she'd
faked her death, she would have certainly framed someone she didn't like
for it, in the process. :)


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