[WF-General] Group ownership of characters

John Tillman speedbump0619 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 16:55:51 PDT 2000

When playing AD&D many moons ago, one of the best campains I ever played in 
had about 12 characters, among 10 players.  Now as you probably know, it is 
difficult to always get 10 people together at one time.  This problem was 
solved by allowing the 6-7 players divide the remaining Characters between 
them.  This allowed intelligent control of the without-player characters, 
and allowed the game to be played.  All of the players had to agree to do 
this, and there had to be a certain minimum number of players or it became 
to...disjointed/  This leads me to my two questions.

1) Is it possible for more than one person to be allowed to play a 
character?  One person would be the "owner," but they could allow several 
people to run the character when they were not.  It is, of course, assumed 
that the "owner" would trust these players to make reasonable decisions, but 
that is the "owner's" responsibility.

2) Is it possible for one player to direct multiple players at one time?  
This seems like a combination client and server task.  The server has to 
allow it, the client has to facilitate it.  For example a client could 
provide the ability to switch between the two+ characters, and see their 
current stats, view, etc.  When the player was not "watching" a character it 
would be controlled by it's scripting/AI.  This is something that a good GM 
would be able to use to great advantage, both in directed combat vs. his 
players, and in role-playing his NPC's.

Just a few questions/ideas for your perusal.

-Scott Tillman
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