[WF-General] Newbie Questions

Wuzzeb wuzzeb at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 14:57:11 PDT 2000

Hi it's me again.

I am trying to get a clear picture in my mind of the
whole game and the interaction between different

How do the rules coding like acorn and mason integrate
with STAGE?  Based on what I have read, Cyphesis was
developed to support the Acorn rule set, and I think
that it would be difficult to use the Cyphesis server
for another rule set.  How integrated with a specific
rule set will STAGE be?  What assumptions will STAGE
make about the type of fighting, the magic system, the
stats of a characters?

Another part of the picture that is hazy to me is the
interaction between different worlds and STAGE.  Most
objects (i mean like a table or a sword) need code to
set the laws for how characters will interact with
that object.  For example, the sword will need code to
be able to kill someone with it, the table will need
code to let people set things on it, and sit up to it.
 How will this object code be handled?

I encourage someone to write a whitepaper on this
topic.  I would be willing to proofread it to be sure
that a newbie will understand the concepts.  If this
information exists and it is an obvious place, then I
am sorry to have bothered you, otherwise it needs to
be more obvious.  I have browsed the web page for
about a week, reading things and have not yet found
answers to my questions.

Thanks for your time.

Wuzzeb the Wise
wuzzeb at yahoo.com

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