[WF-General] Newbie Questions

James Turner jmt at dcs.ed.ac.uk
Mon Oct 9 23:56:16 PDT 2000

> Hi it's me again.
> I am trying to get a clear picture in my mind of the
> whole game and the interaction between different
> parts.
> How do the rules coding like acorn and mason integrate
> with STAGE?  Based on what I have read, Cyphesis was
> developed to support the Acorn rule set, and I think
> that it would be difficult to use the Cyphesis server
> for another rule set.  How integrated with a specific
> rule set will STAGE be?  What assumptions will STAGE
> make about the type of fighting, the magic system, the
> stats of a characters?

Actually, Cyphesis already supports multiple rule sets, and no server
yet-proposed has included hard-coded rules; STAGE will make very few
assumptions about the world and rule, ideally none at all.

> Another part of the picture that is hazy to me is the
> interaction between different worlds and STAGE.  Most
> objects (i mean like a table or a sword) need code to
> set the laws for how characters will interact with
> that object.  For example, the sword will need code to
> be able to kill someone with it, the table will need
> code to let people set things on it, and sit up to it.
>  How will this object code be handled?

Well, the 'combat' module knows how to handle certain interactions
between objects, in certain cases; generically, it handles
'attack' operations, with a 'weapon' and 'target', and implements
the relevant combat rules for the work.

Basic physical properties like 'containment', and spatial relationships
are handled by Shepherd, AFAIK; Bryce will know how these can be
although I'm not sure when this would be required....

Basically, all world/rule/game specific code will reside in a module,
not in STAGE itself. Which is why we're prepared to spend so long on
the server design; if it's done correctly, it need very little work
to support an infinite variety of worlds. [and conversely, if all we
anted to
do was clone the UO server, we'd be finished by now....]

Does this help?
James Turner

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