[WF-General] Mason Tasks

HansHäggström hans.haggstrom at helsinki.fi
Tue Oct 10 05:07:29 PDT 2000


Here is a collection of currently open tasks in Mason.
The tasks are also listed on the Mason tasks page:

Game Design

The following areas of Mason game design currently need more 
work.  Interested people are encouraged to voice their ideas at 
rules at mail.worldforge.org or some of the other mailing list.  The result of 
the discussions should be added to the Mason web pages.

* Background story. See the Acorn background story 
(http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/acorn/release) for a starting 
point.  The location of the game and other special themes in it should also 
be decided.  One idea is to have the game set at a new settlement somewhere 
at Cambrias borders.  (Bryce also posted about this on the 
world at mail.worldforge.org list, discussion about the background story 
should probably take place there.)

* Game goals. These will probably include the need to gather food to stay 
alive, but some other objectives could add more interest to the game.  An 
idea could be clans that compete in building castles or houses.  Some ideas 
for game goals are listed in the Game Objectives section 

* Items. The items in the game need to be fleshed out and described.  The 
Items section (http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/items/) lists 
some properties of items, and basic raw materials that are used to create 
other items.  Item categories are tools, weapons (combat will not be 
implemented in Mason, so these are not neccesary), food, clothes, building 
blocks, containers, art, entertainment and other stuff.  In addition, all 
intermediate forms, like axe heads and handles, have to be described too.

* Mason Mechanical System nodes. When the MMS documentation 
(http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/design/MMS.html) is ready, 
additional node types can be invented, described and eventually implemented.


Mason will also need a lot of media,
the items need 3D models and rendered 2D sprites, the building block shapes 
need to be created (zzorn is working on this) and textures for various 
materials used for building blocks need
to be drawn.

A number of new creature models also have to be done, these are sheep, rats 
and some big hunt animal such as moose, deer or maybe mammoth.  In 
addition, new character models would also be nice to have.

Sound effects for the various items and creatures also need to be done, and 
some background music would be nice.  Bryce lists some ideas for Mason 
music in the Media section 

Web pages

Someone to maintain or tidy up the Mason web pages would be most welcome.
Here is a list of some web page tasks:

* Move each separate subsection on the design page 
(http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/design/) to its own page.

* Create a navigation bar for the Mason web page and for the sub pages and 
subsub pages.

* Add a News section somewhere on the Mason front page.  The news can be 
picked out of the main news database.  In addition, it would be nice to 
list updates to the Mason webpages.

* The empty subsections could be filled in or cleaned away.

Hans Häggström (aka zzorn)
"Share and Enjoy" - Cirius Cybernetics corp. - THHGTTG

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