[WF-General] Distinguishing Admin and Player

Jason Oppel jason at oppel.net
Tue Oct 10 16:44:48 PDT 2000

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Bryce Harrington wrote:

> And the power and responsibility to address the problem ought
> to be available to the people being annoyed.  IMHO, of course.  ;-)
> Bryce

In my mind this concept is *key*.  Perhaps I am covering old ground in
this post but for what it's worth here's my 2 cents.  Most countermeasures
that we might take to neutralize annoying people which relies on
centralized enforcement will end with us chasing our tails and ending up
dizzy.  Having rules which inject a bit of reality (perm death) into the
game makes life a lot harder for (non RPing) PKs and other annoying
ppl's.  Of course the balance is how much reality do you inject before the
fun factor drops off sharply? :)

Players have a nasty habit of surprising GMs by doing the unexpected
thing.  We should anticipate no less (perhaps even more) from
WF players when our game(s) are tossed to the wolves. ;-) It's my
theory that even a well-designed, centralized enforcement solution will
probably be inferior/less flexible to even a poorly planned enforcement
solution where players are empowered.  Thoughts... comments?

-Jason <Pato>

"History may not repeat itself but it sure does rhyme." - Mark Twain

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