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Tom Austin austin at usf.teradyne.com
Tue Oct 10 18:32:41 PDT 2000

~On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Tess Snider wrote: 
~ On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Tom Austin wrote:
~ > one thing that breaks up groups in online worlds is that people's 
~ > levels get way out of balance over time. Level 20 players and level
~ > 50 have a hard time having fun even when they really like each other. 
~ This is where we mustn't fall into the trap of thinking only in terms of
~ what EQ, AC, and UO have to offer.  A game, and the relationships within
~ it, need not revolve around nothing but killing things, gaining levels,
~ and, lest we not forget, acquiring +  A well-designed game will
~ provide contexts for interaction which transcend statistics.  This goes
~ without saying in a more roleplaying-oriented game.

Very true.
creating a role playing situation with 1/2 dozen friends, even on line 
should be relatively straight forward but do do it for a massive group of 
playres will be quite a challange. I think a lot of the role playing that 
occures is because of the efforts of a gm. using ratio of one gm to 7 players
with a not so massive world of 7000 palyers you would need 1000 gms.
Neverwinter Nights will allow one gm(dm) to manage 64 players online. 
We will have to watch that to see how it goes.

I have to admit that all the muds and mmorpgs i have played have been hack 
and slash but I had great adventure in all thes games and had fun that 
approached most of my great adventures in real life. the fun was not based
on raising stats (this may have been a motivating factor) but was based on 
cooperative play.  

I would like our game to be as much fun. Some way to have conflict arise
naturally that needs to be resolved. to try to prepare for all the 
cirmcustances that may arise and be able to improvise solutions to all 
the ones that were not anticipated.

Most of my adventure for the last 15 years revolved around rock climbing.
this had the elements of a good rpg. lots of great gear to slowly accumulate.
reliance on friends -- with out a great partners things suck. Increasing 
one's stats -- 5 pull ups, 10 pull ups, finally 20. or 5.6 - 5.9 - 5.11. 
real life gods and heros - people climbing 5.14 or getting up El Cap in 8 
hours. planning, accomplishments, unforseen events, tragedy and fear. 
with kids, house, work and all the other stuff its very hard to keep up the 
adventure. I would like to get all this into a great online rpg.

~   However, even in a hack-and-slasher, there are numerous
~ inequal relationships that can be explored, such as knight-squire,
~ master-pupil, and master-servant.  Or, hell, just unevenly-matched
~ friends...  After all, every Holmes has his Watson. :)  The designer needs
~ to find a way to make these relationships work out -- not to make them
~ simply impossible because he's too terrified that a low-level character 
~ might get some kind of advantage by hanging out with his higher-level
~ buddy.  A character with a mentor *should* learn faster than a character
~ without one.

yep. But a mentor can only spend so much time with his apprentice with out
yearning to be off with more expericnded buddies. using my rock climbing
analogy -- climbing at low levels showing a newbies the ropes - so to speak-
is fun for a day but not day after day. you want to be on the climbs that make
your palms sweat.  Newbies will catch up. if levels of accomplishment are 
exponential (and my experience tells me that in most things they are) then 
a newbie should be able to get to go from level 1 to level 10 in the time it takes an experienced person to go from 10 to 11. . 

~ Tess
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