[WF-General] Distinguishing Admin and Player

Pug pug007 at sgi.net
Wed Oct 11 21:54:51 PDT 2000

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 05:45:30PM -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Yeah, and to be honest I personally don't really see any problem with
> rehashing old discussions.  Actually I kind of like it, because it keeps
> the list traffic up.  ;-)

I don't have any problem with brining up old discussions at all. I'm always
happy to discuss some old topic with a newbie on IRC. What annoys me is
rehashing some really old and basic idea as if it was never brought up
before, then it starting a thread of, "Hey, what a cool idea...etc. etc."
before someone else steps in and mentions that it's been discussed before.
IMO, it's much better if we can instead just start off my *building* on the
original discussion.

> Let me reiterate that the Worlds team **really** needs to get started on
> producing a formal ``The Dural Sourcebook''.  "It's in pug's head" ain't
> scalable.  ;-)

I'm working on The Dural Sourcebook, Codename: Durasaur. ;) I'm a bit busy,
and trying to learn LaTeX kinda as I go along, but I have the format pretty
much done. I'm gonna give it another look-over after I send this and try to
get an announcement out to World@ telling World People to start sending in
stuff for their places. I can always play with prettying-up the format
later with inline graphics and whatnot.

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