[WF-General] Distinguishing Admin and Player

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Wed Oct 11 19:12:35 PDT 2000

Agreed; it would be nice to have a "safe list" where newbies can discuss
ideas without feeling a risk of angering pug for not having RTFA.  
They (or more friendly developers) can help each other locate docs on
our site or develop proposals to run by grumpier developers like pug or
myself.  The old timers can safely ignore the list, knowing that
anything important would have to be proposed on one of the regular

Although, on the second hand, remember how hard it was to get people to
use #lounge for off topic stuff and #forge for on topic?  Setting up
such a list might not do what we expect.  Still, I think it'd be a good


On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, John Tillman wrote:
> I think this is a great idea.  I personally would have contributed my 
> thoughts and concerns earlier and then I would not have worried about 
> annoying people with ideas that seem obvious but have not been brought up.
> Where is the harm in setting this up.  It provides a free ground for newbies 
> to ask the most basic repeated questions, and is very likely to generate 
> many good ideas.
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> >Or if you're having problems with newbies and talkin' about old
> >discussions long dead and written. Just tell the newbies, if you
> >have an idea, we thought of it already. *cough* That is why the
> >term newbie is there.. maybe make a (newbieidea mail list) so
> >that those ideas can come across to a new discussion in General,
> >if they are any good =)
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