[WF-General] Distinguishing Admin and Player

Pug pug007 at sgi.net
Wed Oct 11 22:29:52 PDT 2000

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 06:20:19PM -0700, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> Well, my point is that one cannot build on something that is not there.
> How can we expect newbies to just magically "know" that such and such a
> topic is ``basic'' and already discussed??  You haven't got a right to
> say RTFM until you've got a FM.

Well, I meant that as an ideal setup. If we get a list of at least our past
really big discussions (eg, "Perm Death"), we can avoid the worst cases. I do
concede that RTFA is no longer a really viable solution for everyone new to
the project, since they've gotten a bit big over the years.

> > I'm working on The Dural Sourcebook, Codename: Durasaur. ;) I'm a bit busy,
> > and trying to learn LaTeX kinda as I go along, but I have the format pretty
> > much done. I'm gonna give it another look-over after I send this and try to
> > get an announcement out to World@ telling World People to start sending in
> > stuff for their places. I can always play with prettying-up the format
> > later with inline graphics and whatnot.
> Don't try to do this alone, else it will never get done.  Check in what
> you have and solicit help.  Maybe some of those poor newbies would love
> to help on this?

Oh, I'm not stupid, I learned how to delegate from you. :) I felt capable of
doing a basic format and getting things moving by myself, though. I just send
some sample PDFs to Chord, and decided upon a nice "squishless" one-column

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