[WF-General] All dead, all dead

Paulus Esterhazy pesterhazy at gmx.net
Mon Oct 16 00:38:07 PDT 2000

ATTENTION: long, pessimistic post ahead

Hello fellows! 

I must tell you about something I've noticed about
this whole (inquestionably great) thingy calles WorldForge.
I'm afraid I feel this project is going to fail. That's

Firstly, you're putting too much work into infrastructure.
This has paid off, yes, the worldforge web site IS
among the best ones for open projects on the net,
wiki is all great and you've got it all documentated,
there's a giant CVS with loads of code and graphics,
and you did a great share of thinking about servers
and clients. Everything is well-planned and you've
been ready to take off and sore high to the stars
for more than a year.

But unfortunately you didn't. Uclient, IMO the most
important part of the project, isn't making any progess.
There ARE server(s) that run, but they don't do much
that a very simple irc server couldn't do. There's a
zillion of projects on top of the worldforge idea, but
none of them has more than a few lines of code done.
No client can easily connect to a server, and there's
no functional map editor. There are drafts for map file
formats, but nothing's concrete, all effort is spread
among a dozen of undoubtably highly skilled people,
that aren't really "on fire" about the project any more.
And no matter how you put it, there is no in any way
playable game done at all.

Additionally team members are dying away quickly.
People naturally have much to do with their own
real life jobs or education, and when the project isn't
showing real progress for some time, they will lose
interest, and that's what I've seen here. The most
visible thing is that mailing list traffic has decreased
steadily and there hasn't been an announcement
of a new version of some part of the project for
a while. And the website or the CVS are down

I do NOT (no way!) blame anyone for this situation.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn't 'cause I've been only 
lurking and not doing anything productive. I haven't
ever seen anyone doing as much for a project (judging
from many long high-quality posts e.g.) as Bryce does.

My question for you: Why won't you admit that this
project is, as sad as it is, almost dead by now? 
You're discussing lots and lots of things, like licensing
issues and switching to SourceForge, don't you feel
that this is an excuse for not admitting that we are not
making progress in the actual core, the game? The
way I see it, this is as if Switzerland was spending
three quarters of its tax income on its navy, isnt it?

I don't want to be cruel or anything. It is sad.
And please flame me and tell me I'm wrong.
I'm not wearing my fire-proof suit.

You can still rescue this beautiful body if you
try hard, but if you let it die (which I can undestand
fully, I'm the laziest person on eart), please admit
that to yourself. But to do the job, you really need
the only cure to this illness, a small playable game
that works flawlessly with the next three months
or so.

~ Paulus

"All dead, all dead, all the dreams we had.
I wonder why I still live on..." - Queen

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