[WF-General] All dead, all dead

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Oct 16 13:27:32 PDT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Dave Turner wrote:

> Oops!  We have been too modest.  Our modesty has been mistaken for
> illness unto death. 
> Acorn is coming along fabulously!  We have, for the first time, had a
> server stay up for almost a day.  We're about to make an 0.2 release
> (maybe we already did?  I was awaay over the weekend).  But we haven't
> been announcing them on general at .  So it doesn't look good.  

0.2.0 is in testing right now.  Alistair wanted to hold off on
announcements until it got some more testing.  

> We are making progress.  You're just not seeing it, because we're too
> modest.

*Nod*  People have been predicting our imminent failure for what?  3
years and running?  Yet actually, things are moving along better right
now than they have for a *long* time.

As to the seeming focus on infra over development, erm, well just the
other day a couple infra people were commenting that it seemed like the
opposite was actually the case.  The fact of the matter is,
infrastructure is a crucial element of this project - both from the
sense of being able to communicate with each other during development,
but also down the road when servers will need to be deployed, files
transferred to player, and so forth.  With a good, strong, well
organized infrastructure group, we'll be able to manage a huge player
base for our games.  Some of our longer term objectives will be more
dependent on good infrastructure staff than on development.

I don't know why people have not been making mention of their
achievements on the mailing lists very much lately.  I have tried to
encourage people to post about status of things.  I understand that good
progress has been made on the 3D client recently, but there was fear
that an announcement would "just make people ask lots of questions."
The new website is also looking _very_ good.  I am encouraging the infra
team to take a "release early release often" approach with it.  And
STAGE has been getting lots of discussion and development both on irc
and server at .  As to UClient - all I can say is, if you *haven't* tried
it out, you've gotta!  Anyway, I too would like to hear on the lists how
people are coming along, but in all honesty I think claims of our
immenent demise are greatly exaggerated.  ;-)

Paulus, after you've tried out Acorn 0.2.0, could you take an hour or so
and jot down a bulletized list of tangible things that you think need to
be done?  I would like to hear your ideas and discuss them with you.


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