[WF-General] All dead, all dead

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Oct 16 15:28:57 PDT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, John R. Sheets wrote:
> On Monday, October 16, 2000, Bryce Harrington <bryce at neptune.net> wrote:
> >
> > *Nod*  People have been predicting our imminent failure for what?  3
> > years and running?  Yet actually, things are moving along better right
> > now than they have for a *long* time.
> Isn't it more like two years?  In fact, aren't we coming up to our
> second project anniversary in a few weeks?  I keep forgetting to mention
> that.

Is it only two years?  *counts* Yeah, 2 years.  And good call on the
anniversary.  Nice that we'll finally have a playable (albeit simple)
game to hand people now.  Remember how much people used to complain
first that there was nothing they could compile, and then later that
there was nothing that they could run and see gamish stuff?  Now we're
getting urged to finish faster.  Guess that's progress.  ;-)
> > The new website is also looking _very_ good.  I am encouraging the infra
> > team to take a "release early release often" approach with it.  And
> What's the scoop on this?  Does the new website exist somewhere public?
> It'd be nice to see a preview.  Perhaps someone could set up demo we
> could play with, e.g., demosite.worldforge.org.  If we put sufficient
> disclaimers on the front page, we can probably avoid a barrage of
> unsolicited bug reports, in case that's the reason it hasn't been
> publically posted.

I spent the weekend talking with the crew and playing with the new site
and hearing where we are.  It is *very* cool.  Those of you coder
monkeys who have not had a chance to tinker around in Zope are going to
be in hog heaven.  Lots of nifty object thingees to figure out and play
with.  We are going to have gobs more potential for integration of
dynamic things than we've been able to do with the current site.  There
are better database linkages, so we should be able to replace Eidetic
with direct database operations, and creating displays of the tables
should be considerably more streamlined.

A lot of thought has gone into the nav links and the page layout.
Obviously, there will be critics - there always are (a website is the
easiest thing for a lazy critic to attack).  So I suspect there is some
apprehension or anxiety about that.  The new site follows the same color
scheme as the old one, but is much more cleanly laid out.  The nav bars
take up more space than they do presently, but pack a heck of a lot more
information.  Getting around within the site is going to be considerably
simplified for us developers.  Good news.

The infra crew currently is being very diligent about minimizing or
eliminating the effort needed to build the right hand side topic
indexes, because that has been a weakness of our current site.  They
want to make the site not only easy to use by viewers, but easy to use
by editors as well.  Because, really, it's the writers we care the most
about since they're the ones contributing to the project.  

Anyway, as to when it is going to be available, all I can say is stay
tuned.  Maybe they're delaying in anticipation of the next MELon or
Anvil release?  ;-)

Bryce Harrington
bryce @ neptune.net

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