[WF-General] Rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated (was All dead, all dead)

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Mon Oct 16 15:45:44 PDT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Chris Lappe wrote:

> It's not for the infra team to determine we need something. It's for the 
> developers and associated people to let us know they need one. Then the
> infra team will try to accomadate all of you by getting something set up.

I posted a list of things we need to general@ with a CC to infra@ over
the weekend, and mentioned a task tool, with brief analysis of how
SourceForge (both as a service and as a technology) fares in this

I think some of us are holding off on making a lot of requests because
we know infra is pretty tied up with the website deployment and we are
hesistant to add to your stresses...  

Yesterday I spoke with kosh about some of the wish items for the
website, and he set up a page in the new site to hold infra tasks until
such time as a proper task tool gets integrated into the site.  Kosh is
also busy at work developing this tool and was soliciting input on irc
(psst kosh, solicit input on the mailing lists too, so we get traffic
up.  *wink*)

The danger, of course (that we *always* fall into) is trying to a) do
something ourselves that someone else has already done sufficiently, or
b) trying to make the holy grail of (whatever). 

SourceForge is going to do okay as an interim measure, but not as a long
term solution.  By using SourceForge for now for as much as makes sense,
it will buy infra time to work on the items that SF does not provide,
and then to have a yardstick to measure against.  E.g., we would not
shift to a new bug tool until it proves that it provides everything
SourceForge's tool does.  This lets infra have more control over its
time table, to plot out what it will do, and when.

What infra is working on right now (the website) is the biggest
priority.  When it is made public, I am going to give the infra team an
expanded charter and some new, more interesting objectives.  Not before,
though, to avoid too many distractions.  I am also working to try to
provide it with an official leader.  


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