[WF-General] Rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated(was All dead, all dead)

Paulus Esterhazy pesterhazy at gmx.net
Tue Oct 17 02:10:19 PDT 2000

> > But unfortunately you didn't. Uclient, IMO the most
> > important part of the project, isn't making any progess.
> I would hazard a guess that you're not subscribed to the CVS mailing
> list?  Keep in mind not everything gets posted to the General mailing
> list that's being worked on.  That's why we have seperate lists! :)
You're right. I'm only subscribed to General and Client, but that's
what I'm most interested in. You SHOULD be able to keep track
of the current overall status with the general list, too.

> Acorn 0.2RC1 is now  and has some really cool (new) things.  I would
> invite you to check out this Acorn screenshot of the newest release
> candidate:
> http://www.worldforge.org/images/screenshots/market.jpg
That is great indeed. What is IMO needed, is a running server
and ready-to-use downloadable clients (that is, taking the user
a maximum of 3 hours to get running incl. compiling etc.). But
if you say that's what will be achieved in a time frame of say
two months, that would be fine with me :-)

> I can't speak with the other areas but I know that Cyphesis has undergone
> lots of changes even in the past month or two and lots more are in the
> future.  Some new things in cyphesis just in the past month or so have
> been new skeleton behaviours, bug squashing, fire and a new
> major optimisation effort has begun!  Lots of good stuff going on and
> there is a lot that I didn't mention..
Sure, I'm not up-to-date with the very "inner circle" development,
but if there have been dramatic progress, PLEASE speak up and
tell the world so. Make a freshmeat announcement, have slashdot
discuss your status (oh well, maybe not .-))

> > no functional map editor.
> This is a problem that really needs to be solved some time soon but a map
> format has to be settled on before we create a map editor so slamming us
> on both counts really isn't fair is it?  Ok, so it is... hehe :)
I won't slam anyone, it's just what would Halflife be without Worldcraft
today? It's something important, if not top priority.

> The web site and CVS being down kinda contradicts your statement that
> we've put enough work/thought into infrastructure doesn't it?  While
> services going down is frustrating please keep in mind that people are
> working to make sure these issues don't come up again or are at least
> minimized when they do.  I used to for an ISP many moons ago and I tend to
> find that for some reason these outtages end to come in spurts.  I'll bet
> we're about due for a good long period of uptime on all of our services
> soon.  I really wish you could see all the great work that's going in to
> infrastructure by Chord, kosh mithro and others (sorry if I forgot to
> mention anyone!).  All I can say is that the next few months look for alot
> of great infrastructure changes that these people will be implementing...
Yeah you're right, I'm still aware of the fact that WF infra is fine
if not great.

I'm too tired tonight, I'll commment more tomorrow.
Thanks for you replies and time BTW.

~ Paulus

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