[WF-General] All dead, all dead

The Begg's begg at paradise.net.nz
Tue Oct 17 17:33:56 PDT 2000

Here is my 10 cents
(damn exchange rate)

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Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 10:38 AM
Subject: [WF-General] All dead, all dead

> No client can easily connect to a server, and there's
> no functional map editor.

There is a working map editor.  It's called XEdit.  It currently works only
on win32.  I does work, it surports MIM already, and it has a great
interface.  Thanks Sal!!
It's not finished, yet.  But nothing in the project is.

The worlds section has been quiet lately.  Mostly due to the limits of
detail we could put in.  We're mostly waiting on a map editor.

>There are drafts for map file
> formats, but nothing's concrete, all effort is spread
> among a dozen of undoubtably highly skilled people,
> that aren't really "on fire" about the project any more.
> And no matter how you put it, there is no in any way
> playable game done at all.

everything else has more or less cover by everyone else.



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