[WF-General] ACORN: Help Needed for Release Announcement!!!

Bryce Harrington bryce at neptune.net
Tue Oct 17 03:01:34 PDT 2000

Good news: We're ready to publically announce the release the 0.2.0
alpha of Acorn.  People who have tried it out in Linux have been very
impressed (myself especially!)

This is a *major* *achievement* for WorldForge.  While this is the
second release of Acorn, it's the first release of anything that plays
like a real game.  There's even little background bird chirpy noises!

We've got a little work to do to prepare for the announcement, and I'd
like to ask for help in getting these things done.  I've assembled a big
"todo list", and divided it out by name.  While you are in no way
obligated to do the tasks assigned, if everyone can chip in to do two
things, it will make it much easier on everyone else.  I've also listed
some extra tasks at the end for anyone to do.  Please volunteer to help
out with some of these!

I've written a sample Acorn announce press release you can use, and
included it at the end of this email.  Use it as is or modify it to

   * Update the battleplan:
   * Note to WorldForge's news database about Acorn 0.2.0:
   * Update your Acorn entry at Freshmeat.net
   * Submit news item about Acorn to SourceForge
   * Send an announcement of Acorn 0.2.0 to announce at mail.worldforge.org
   * When enough of the tasks are done, post release announce to
     Slashdot  http://www.slashdot.org/submit.pl

   * Decide if you want to make a Cyphesis numbered release, and if so:
   * Place a note in WorldForge's news database about Cyphesis:
   * Update your Cyphesis entry at Freshmeat.net
   * Announcement of Cyphesis to announce at mail.worldforge.org

   * Update the WorldForge entry at Freshmeat.net
   * Notify salon.com
   * Update the project intro page:
   * Update the project status page:
   * Update the project goals page:

   * Update the contacts page:
     http://www.worldforge.org/website/about/contacts (I think maybe we
     should trim it to the bare minimum, since it's going to get out of
     date faster the more people that are listed.)

   * Note to WorldForge's news database about UClient 0.8.3:
   * Update your UClient entry at Freshmeat.net
   * Announcement of UClient 0.8.3 to announce at mail.worldforge.org
   * Update the Acorn Team page:
   * Drop a note to the SDL list about Acorn

   * Update http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/acorn/servers/
     It should mention www.worldforge.net and any other acorn servers
     that will be running during the announcement phase.
   * With mithro and pug, schedule 30 minute Acorn Gaming Sessions 4
     times each day.

   * Update the WorldForge project FAQ:
   * Update the Top Ten Things About WorldForge page:

   * Update the installation page:
   * Review the page on Playing Acorn for completeness:

   * Update the Acorn Download page to point to the correct 0.2.0 files
   * With pug and kosh, schedule Acorn Gaming Sessions 4 times each day.

   * Update http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/acorn/ with a better
     description of what Acorn is.  Pretty much rewrite all the text
     there and shorten to just a few paragraphs, moving anything that
     looks worth keeping somewhere else. 

   * Set up a wiki account for malcolm
   * With mithro and kosh, schedule Acorn Gaming Sessions 4 times each
     day (30 min each).

   * Put some small graphics of your choice onto some of the Acorn
     pages for decoration.       
   * Update the required media and sounds lists:

General:  (Volunteers needed!)
   * Update page about whether we'll succeed or not:
   * Update page about open source ideology and free gaming:
   * Update the Acorn Rules
   * Search for articles that have mentioned WorldForge or its products,
     and place what you can find here:  
   * Update the "Urgently Needed" page:
     (I think we could delete most of these, or move them into the task
     log on SourceForge, and just have a pointer to other task lists.)
   * Notify LinuxToday:  http://linuxtoday.com/contribute.php3
   * Notify LinuxWeeklyNews:  http://www.linuxweeklynews.com
   * Notify Imaginary Realities:  imaginaryrealities.imaginary.com
   * Notify Linux Game Development:  http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames
   * Notify Linux Game Tome:  http://www.happypenguin.org/
   * Nofity Tux Games:  http://www.tuxgames.com/
   * Notify other game development sites as discovered.

As to a time frame to complete these...  Let's shoot for a week, or at
most two.

Here is a sample announce message that you can base your posting on, if
you would like:

After several months of development, WorldForge is proud to announce the
release the second alpha version of "Acorn", an epic pig herding game.
This game is a technology demo for UClient, Cyphesis, and Atlas, as well
as an opportunity to display some of the WorldForge artists' work.

Acorn is a client-server 2D-iso game in the style of various multiplayer
graphical roleplaying games, but where instead of fighting monsters, the
objective is to raise and fatten pigs for sale to the friendly butcher.
He who brings home the most bacon by the end of the game wins!

Since Acorn is still in alpha, in addition to the usual flora and fauna
in the game, you may be fortunate enough to encounter some strange and
marvelous bugs and horrid misfeatures.  Please describe your findings at
our SourceForge bug tracker:

More information on Acorn is available here:

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