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Uta Szymanek szymanek at student.uni-kl.de
Tue Oct 17 13:13:13 PDT 2000


Hans Häggström wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is a collection of currently open tasks in Mason.
> The tasks are also listed on the Mason tasks page:
>   http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/tasks/
> Game Design
> """""""""""
> The following areas of Mason game design currently need more
> work.  Interested people are encouraged to voice their ideas at
> rules at mail.worldforge.org or some of the other mailing list.  The result of
> the discussions should be added to the Mason web pages.
> * Background story. See the Acorn background story
> (http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/acorn/release) for a starting
> point.  The location of the game and other special themes in it should also
> be decided.  One idea is to have the game set at a new settlement somewhere
> at Cambrias borders.  (Bryce also posted about this on the
> world at mail.worldforge.org list, discussion about the background story
> should probably take place there.)

I'm not sur if would like to locate Manson in Cambria, too. One point is
that would like to develop Cambria a bit more ( background, images,
maps...) without a new demo standing behind me. The other point is that
we should start focus on other areas to push their development. There
should be enough general sprites in our media section that could be used

> * Items. The items in the game need to be fleshed out and described.  The
> Items section (http://www.worldforge.org/website/rules/mason/items/) lists
> some properties of items, and basic raw materials that are used to create
> other items.  Item categories are tools, weapons (combat will not be
> implemented in Mason, so these are not neccesary), food, clothes, building
> blocks, containers, art, entertainment and other stuff.  In addition, all
> intermediate forms, like axe heads and handles, have to be described too.

Water and snow will be created by all artists for their tiles and
sprites, I think.
I had some discussions about the animations of water but we didn't come
to a conclusion till now...

I have created  basic dark soil tiles: general soil, fields, soil
combined with meadow grass, fields with wheat and twig. It's planned to
show the growing status of a field in different images.

Their are also earth tiles (combined with grass again), but these are
more brown then red. These can clearly be differed from the dark soil
tiles because these are brighter.

I'm working on sand tiles, too.

For cambria I've created two sorts of grass: lawn (on the basis of the
original grass tiles) and now meadow tiles. The meadows is available in
two variations: dry and humid. I plan to created tiles of a cutted
meadows with haycocks, too.

Carrots and potatos are now available in the marketstalls and in
seperste images. The plants combined with a field will follow.

Flowers are combined with meadow now.

Wheat is available in combination with the fields now. It's planned to
create some yarrows, too. I still need to create baskets with wheat for
the marketstalls.

I'm working on an apple tree for cambria ,because this is the most
important tree in cambrias history. Apples and other fruits are avaiable
(->in marketstalls and in seperate images). Please look at the cvs.

Pruduced items could be the gems ans jewellery, but there are no
resource images at the moment.

live long and prosper, Uta.

Uta Szymanek
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