[WF-General] Acorn meetings coming up

Uta Szymanek szymanek at student.uni-kl.de
Tue Oct 17 14:25:07 PDT 2000

Hello, Alistair

Alistair Riddoch wrote:
> Two Acorn meetings are going to be held in the near future. The reason for
> this is that there are two different important areas of Acorn to be discussed
> and not all key people are able to make it to one single meeting.
> Server Meeting:
> An Acorn server meeting will be held at 13:00 GMT this Friday. The main
> purpose of this meeting is for cyphesis developers to discuss the steps
> we are planning to take before the next Acorn release to optimise cyphesis.
> This meeting is being held at the only time all the cyphesis developers can
> make it. Anyone else who wants to attend is welcome, though I would like
> to keep the meeting strictly on topic.
> General Acorn Meeting:
> I would like to know what would be a good time and date for a general Acorn
> meeting to discuss all other Acorn issues. The most important criteria
> for the time is that both Karsten and Pegasus can make it. Again anyone
> is welcome, but this time the agenda will be much more open. I would like
> to post the agenda for this meeting in advance, so if anyone has any topic
> they would like to bring up, please let me know.
> I would like to tentatively suggest 17:00 GMT this Saturday. Please mail me
> if this is either a good or bad time.

17:00 GMT seems to be a good time at saturday and under the week, too.

> Al
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live long and prosper, Uta.

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