[WF-General] Rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated(was All dead, all dead)

Uta Szymanek szymanek at student.uni-kl.de
Tue Oct 17 14:35:54 PDT 2000

Hello, Bryce

Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Jason Oppel wrote:
> > Why just noticed that
> > Uclient now connects with Cyphesis C++, it uses the new libAtlas and snow
> > has been implemented.
> Snow?  Cool!  I saw the rain.  Methinks we ought to adjust Mason's game
> design to include some weather effects so we can take advantage of these
> new features.  The most amazing thing that struck me about it were the
> sound effects.  I hadn't realized how well integrated they'd gotten.
> Good work Karsten and Uta, if you're listening.  :-)


Falling snow is realized since yesterday :)) and snow tiles will follow.

We are still discussing the realization of lightning and fog, but those
effects are not so easy.

> > I'd also like to note that STAGE is has had quite a bit coding done
> > (gasp!) and cvs commits coming quite regularly.
> *grin*  Yup.  The STAGE architecture design looks like it is going to
> work well for us.  We've been discussing these technologies for so long,
> it's nice to finally see them getting implemented.  Major kudo's to
> everyone contributing to STAGE.
> > > There ARE server(s) that run, but they don't do much
> > > that a very simple irc server couldn't do. There's a
> > > zillion of projects on top of the worldforge idea, but
> > > none of them has more than a few lines of code done.
> >
> > I can't speak with the other areas but I know that Cyphesis has undergone
> > lots of changes even in the past month or two and lots more are in the
> > future.  Some new things in cyphesis just in the past month or so have
> > been new skeleton behaviours, bug squashing, fire and a new
> > major optimisation effort has begun!  Lots of good stuff going on and
> > there is a lot that I didn't mention..
> Yeah, the above accusation is pretty spurious.  No one that has looked
> at Cyphesis would say that.
> > > No client can easily connect to a server, and there's
> >
> > Uclient connects quite easily to a running cyphesis server...
> Amazingly so.  Also, due to use of Atlas, STAGE is not far from this
> either.  We need to get the database hooked up to manage accounts first,
> but I think really it's only a few Atlas calls to get STAGE talking to
> clients.
> > > no functional map editor.
> >
> > This is a problem that really needs to be solved some time soon but a map
> > format has to be settled on before we create a map editor so slamming us
> > on both counts really isn't fair is it?  Ok, so it is... hehe :)

I met Jamie in irc some weeks ago and he told me that his editor is in
progress. He told me that he has some problems with the save and load

Kartsen is thinking about an 'uclient editor', too. He told me that this
would be no big step from uclient to the editor.

live long and prosper, Uta.

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