[WF-General] Rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated(was All dead, all dead)

Jason Oppel jason at oppel.net
Tue Oct 17 11:47:38 PDT 2000

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Paulus Esterhazy wrote:

> > I would hazard a guess that you're not subscribed to the CVS mailing
> > list?  Keep in mind not everything gets posted to the General mailing
> > list that's being worked on.  That's why we have seperate lists! :)
> You're right. I'm only subscribed to General and Client, but that's
> what I'm most interested in. You SHOULD be able to keep track
> of the current overall status with the general list, too.

This goes back to an old battle.  Developers generally don't want to tell
you every little thing that they're doing they want to just do it.  I
think eventually some sort of automated reporting system similar to
Bryce's idea of TODO lists/documentation embedded in code with hooks and
extracted by some script might work.

I've been thinking about the possibility of having a moderated system
whereby cvs commit messages could find their way on to the news section of
the web site.  Developers could tag their log messages with a hook so that
their log message automatically gets put in the news hopper.  The
moderator would then tag any messages that he/she thinks should make the
website news.   At the end of the day a bulleted news item gets generated
which includes all of the cvs commit messages deemed noteworthy by the
coders and the moderators for that day.  This wouldn't solve all of our 
news/communication problems but it sure would go a long way towards making
them better IMO. Any thoughts or comments on  my idea??  Anyhow that's a
long ways off and we have miles (give the infra folks a break!) to go
before we can even think about such a beast. :)

> > Acorn 0.2RC1 is now  and has some really cool (new) things.  I would
> > invite you to check out this Acorn screenshot of the newest release
> > candidate:
> > http://www.worldforge.org/images/screenshots/market.jpg
> That is great indeed. What is IMO needed, is a running server
> and ready-to-use downloadable clients (that is, taking the user
> a maximum of 3 hours to get running incl. compiling etc.). But
> if you say that's what will be achieved in a time frame of say
> two months, that would be fine with me :-)

Two months?  Is yesterday good enough? ;) I logged on last night to
www.worldforge.net and played a game of acorn with malcolm in
Uclient.  The acorn server has been behaving pretty well _so far_ but time
will tell...  Acorn 0.2 is really exciting stuff and alriddoch along with
the rest of the Acorn crew really deserves a pat on the back.
> > I can't speak with the other areas but I know that Cyphesis has undergone
> > lots of changes even in the past month or two and lots more are in the
> > future.  Some new things in cyphesis just in the past month or so have
> > been new skeleton behaviours, bug squashing, fire and a new
> > major optimisation effort has begun!  Lots of good stuff going on and
> > there is a lot that I didn't mention..
> Sure, I'm not up-to-date with the very "inner circle" development,
> but if there have been dramatic progress, PLEASE speak up and
> tell the world so. Make a freshmeat announcement, have slashdot
> discuss your status (oh well, maybe not .-))
> > > no functional map editor.
> > This is a problem that really needs to be solved some time soon but a map
> > format has to be settled on before we create a map editor so slamming us
> > on both counts really isn't fair is it?  Ok, so it is... hehe :)
> I won't slam anyone, it's just what would Halflife be without Worldcraft
> today? It's something important, if not top priority.

Apparently someone does have a working map editor judging from
recent posts...

No one can keep up with what everyone in WF is doing.  You can only hope
to minimize that which you do not know... :)


"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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