[WF-General] Music Meeting Reminder

David Zokvic zokvicds at scnc.pps.k12.mi.us
Tue Oct 17 16:40:05 PDT 2000

Just reminding everybody that the music meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 23:00 GMT in #media.  I would  like to compile a list of who all will be there.  Agenda is as follows

General Discussion
    - Team members (who they are and a list of abilities)
    - What we have done already
    - Brining everybody up to speed

Formats (Not sure if this is necessary, but I thought I'd put it here just in case)
    - Pros / Cons of each (I think this was already summed up well by DragonM)
    - Final Decision on formats
    - State of the music system, coding, etc.

    - What types of music do we need for Acorn/Mason
    - What deadlines we should set up (If any)
    - Set up a schedule for regular meetings (I doubt this is an opportune time for everybody)

If anybody has any problems concerns with anything in the above,  please let me know.  Thanks.

David Zokvic
Technology Admn. PHS
WorldForge Project Developer     http://www.worldforge.org

Public E-mail: zokvicds at scnc.pps.k12.mi.us
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