Fw: [WF-General] ACORN: Help Needed for Release Announcement!!!

The Begg's begg at paradise.net.nz
Wed Oct 18 21:13:30 PDT 2000

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 Subject: [WF-General] ACORN: Help Needed for Release Announcement!!!
 > Good news: We're ready to publically announce the release the 0.2.0
 > alpha of Acorn.  People who have tried it out in Linux have been very
 > impressed (myself especially!)
 Now I really need to beg my friend next door to let me put my linux box on
 the net (he has a cable modem)  ;-)
 > This is a *major* *achievement* for WorldForge.  While this is the
 > second release of Acorn, it's the first release of anything that plays
 > like a real game.  There's even little background bird chirpy noises!
 This is cool.  I can't wait to get started, and I'm looking forwad to many
 more great games.
 > We've got a little work to do to prepare for the announcement, and I'd
 > like to ask for help in getting these things done.  I've assembled a big
 > "todo list", and divided it out by name.  While you are in no way
 > obligated to do the tasks assigned, if everyone can chip in to do two
 > things, it will make it much easier on everyone else.  I've also listed
 > some extra tasks at the end for anyone to do.  Please volunteer to help
 > out with some of these!
 > Lee:
 >    * Update the WorldForge project FAQ:
 >      http://www.worldforge.org/website/helpdesk/faq/
 >    * Update the Top Ten Things About WorldForge page:
 >      http://www.worldforge.org/website/about/topten
 ....and done  ;-)

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