[WF-General] New music by Adrian Posted

Jason Oppel jason at oppel.net
Wed Oct 18 17:20:44 PDT 2000

I have posted Adrian's two new pieces over at:

I find these pieces quite nice!  "Riding the Dragon" would fit quite
nicely  as background music for Acorn.  The last 2/3's I find a bit more
frenetic and would be good for when your piggies are in jeopardy! That's
the 2nd piece Adrian has released which will work nicely for Acorn.  Good
job Adrian!!   

"Last Glimpse" caught my eye as possibly being one of the bridge peices
for when you're entering a dangerous or mysterious area.  Here's an
example comprised purely of Adrian's music where the music can
cycle according to the action that's going on in the game.  This would be
*very* cool when you think about it!
Player is doing well...
[Delerium in Flangistan]

Skeletons are near by the player...  Don't move a muscle..
[Slow Fade]

The skeletons are drawn closer by the movement of the pigs... (the silence
builds tension) Watch out!!
[Last Glimpse]

[Quick Fade]

Skeletons are attacking the fat piggies.  Oh the horror!!  The
*carnage*!! ;)

Fun to think about, eh? :)


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