[WF-General] ACORN: Help Needed for Release Announcement!!!

Jason Oppel jason at oppel.net
Thu Oct 19 11:34:43 PDT 2000

On Wed, 18 Oct 2000, Witcraft, Dean (INV-RC) wrote:

> btw- would I be too presumptuous to ask for a credit mention on those? 

You can't have any credit but there's plenty of blame to go around if you
want some... ;)  Exactly which page(s) did you create?  I only worked on
the front page but past that I claim ignorance on the rest  of the acorn
site. (ignorance is bliss)

> /me puts on his flame retardant underwear
/me snickers knowing that he switched your flame retardant underwear with
wool underwear 3:)

-Jason <Pato>

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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