[WF-General] Infra activity

Chord chord at worldforge.org
Thu Oct 19 15:19:39 PDT 2000

I know that all too often, infra matters are taking place
quietly in the background (unless of course something
breaks ;) So I thought I'd send out a little update about
where things are and where things are headed.

There's been a lot of infra activity in the recent past.

   * www and cvs were moved to new hosts, (Peregrine
and myself respectively hosting these services).
   * jack has moved the lists over to using mailman as
the list manager, has set up an ldap, fixed the search
engine and has set up a CA for worldforge and certificates
for ldap.worldforge.org and mail.worldforge.org
   * mithro has coordinated the setup of rsync between
www.net, www.org and cvs.org so that everything is
being backed up in duplicate across two locations and has
a read-only mirror of the wf site up at bugs.worldforge.org.
   * kosh and I have been working on website reorganization
efforts. He from the website manager side of things, myself
from the content side of things as well as helping test and
input on site manager features and issues)
   * Pato has been aiding with site stuff. He is currently
working on the newbie guide for site
   * The site@ and admin@ mailing lists were merged into
one infra@ mailing list. This was done because it was found
that both admin@ and site@ handled infra matters. Having
two lists spread out the focus and with different subscriber
lists, matter brought up on one list were often missed by a
portion of the target audience.
   * at Peregrine's suggestion, the email addresses: 
wikiaccount at worldforge.org, cvsaccount at worldforge.org
and webmaster at worldforge.org were set up to allow for
easier mail management for account requests and visitor site
issues. wiki and cvs account request should all go through
these addresses.

The team has worked on account creation policy and
services hosting policy. The account creation requirements
are listed on the join page: 
The services hosting policy needs a bit more finalizing before
it's set. The issues being settled, at this time, are those of
machine and speed requirements. The guidelines up to this
point are available at: 

A backup strategy has been put in place and is documented
at: http://www.worldforge.org/website/infra/services/backup.html

To the team: if I missed anything, I apologize. The mind's just 
not what it used to be ;)

There will be a preview of the site in progress available Monday,
October, 23. Details as to location will be sent out at a later date.

And on a final note, as you all know I've been serving as interim
Infrastructure Coordinator. I have decided to resign this position
and concentrate my efforts wholly on the site reorg. I've really
enjoyed being able to help the project in this capacity and get some
things done but it's time to move on. Best of luck to the next 

    - Chord

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