[WF-General] Infra activity

Jack Cummings jack at needle.mudshark.org
Thu Oct 19 12:50:49 PDT 2000

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 02:19:39PM -0400, Chord wrote:
> There's been a lot of infra activity in the recent past.

>    * jack has moved the lists over to using mailman as
> the list manager, has set up an ldap, fixed the search
> engine and has set up a CA for worldforge and certificates
> for ldap.worldforge.org and mail.worldforge.org

I'm still working on figuring out how to get the search engine 
to index both news spools and http sites, I think I might have
something working, but it takes a *long* time to index. 

I would like to move our user database into LDAP, so we can start
authenticting using it. To do this securely, we'll need SSL stuff,
as well as SASL binding. ( I need to do some reading on this ) 

I'm also looking into setting up a web interface to the ldap, so people
can edit their account online. Doing this would provide a nice unified
account base, for cvs, wiki, and whatever else we want ( shells, even. ) 

I've set up a CA, and made a few certificates. I recieved an offer from 
TC TrustCenters, to create certificates for us. This is a very generous offer, 
becuase TC TrustCenters is trusted by default by IE, and Netscape ( recent 
versions of ). Discussion on this should be a seperate thread. 

>    * at Peregrine's suggestion, the email addresses: 
> wikiaccount at worldforge.org, cvsaccount at worldforge.org
> and webmaster at worldforge.org were set up to allow for
> easier mail management for account requests and visitor site
> issues. wiki and cvs account request should all go through
> these addresses.

Mail aliases are very easy for me to do, so don't hesitate to ask for one. 
> A backup strategy has been put in place and is documented
> at: http://www.worldforge.org/website/infra/services/backup.html

I seriosly need to add something for:
95M     /opt/home/news
259M    /opt/home/mailman
19M     /opt/packages/openldap

I currently don't have the means to perform a backup to portable media, 
perhaps something like a daily rsync would be good enough. 

> And on a final note, as you all know I've been serving as interim
> Infrastructure Coordinator. I have decided to resign this position
> and concentrate my efforts wholly on the site reorg. I've really
> enjoyed being able to help the project in this capacity and get some
> things done but it's time to move on. Best of luck to the next 
> coordinator.

Your efforts are very much appreciated, because I know that trying
to coordinate us has been like trying to herd cats. :)

There have been no few times where you have given me the encouragement
to keep on hacking away. That means a lot. 

Thanks Chord,


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