[WF-General] Licensing/Copyrighting Artwork in WF

kosh kosh at home-dhcp3-127.colorado.edu
Fri Oct 20 02:50:41 PDT 2000

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Adrian wrote:

> 2) i allow the WorldForge-Team (WF-Team), and only the
>     WorldForge-Team, to make use of my submitted artwork
>     to WorldForge for non-commercial use within the development
>    of the WF-project, and within the World Forge Project only, without
>    altering the fact that my artwork remains my intellectual property.
>    This includes the right to modify,duplicate and distribute my artwork
>    within the develoment of the Wf-Project by WF-Team-members,including
>    all worlds created with the Wf-technology and its derivatives but not
>    to any third party.
>    The WF-team, as well as anyone making use of my artwork is required to
>    distribute my artwork for playback only to its   clients and to mention
> clearly:
>      a) the Author
>      b) that it is copyrighted artwork
There is a problem with this. Many worlds will probably be set up as pay
to play. Servers and bandwidth are expensive. It is doubtful people will
be able to run large free servers. So some of us will need to charge at
least enough to cover the cost of the servers and bandwidth. Under your
license we could not do that.



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