[WF-General] Licensing/Copyrighting Artwork in WF

Will Owen will at crispincorp.com
Fri Oct 20 12:18:07 PDT 2000

I was always under the impression that WF will have many pay-for-play
servers as many worlds won't ever get up and running any other way.  I
believe this is clearly mentioned on the web page.  (with the addendum that
p4p servers will eventually fall out of use as too many free servers will
be up)  

At 01:23 PM 10/20/00 +0100, you wrote:
>> There is a problem with this. Many worlds will probably be set up as pay
>> to play. Servers and bandwidth are expensive. It is doubtful people will
>> be able to run large free servers. So some of us will need to charge at
>> least enough to cover the cost of the servers and bandwidth. Under your
>> license we could not do that.
>Charge for bandwidth?
>And you don't give anything to the developers, artists, and all those
people who
>let you use your bandwidth.
>I think that the non-comercial point is a good one.
>BTW the point is not to get a expensive large server but a network of
>unexpensive small servers.
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