[WF-General] Licensing/Copyrighting Artwork in WF

Dave Turner novalis at novalis.org
Fri Oct 20 12:56:15 PDT 2000

Here's how I see it - I think that this is the view of the project, but
others are free to disagree:

We are all creating wonderful, creative things.  And we're all releasing
them for everyone's free use.  We plan to have a feature where, when a
song is playing, you can go to a menu and see what it is and who wrote
it.  Similarly, a feature where you can Ctrl-Right-Click (or whatever)
on a tile and see who made it.  We'll have a "about" screen where all of
our contributers are listed.  No matter how your work is used, your name
will be listed somewhere.  So, you'll always be getting credit for your

Now it's clear that if someone made changes to your work and then went
and told you that you couldn't use those changes, or couldn't share
them, that would hurt you.  But if your work is free for everyone to
use, commercial use doesn't hurt you at all.  You can still sell CDs of
your work, and it's still yours.  It's just shared.  This is what the
GPL is about.  All of us coders and artists contribute our code and art
and allow it to be used for commericial stuff - it's just that no one
can tell anyone that they can't share it.

This is the arrangement that has been used for all other free software
projects, and I think that it's a reasonable one.

We would prefer not to use artwork/music/code that is only for
non-commercial use - this limits our ability to make the game the best
it can be.  It limits it because commercial developers will not be able
to help us make the game better.  Think about how much RedHat and
Mandrake have brought to Linux, and imagine what a company could bring
to WF.

-Dave Turner

Adrian wrote:
> Kosh wrote:
> <
> >There is a problem with this. Many worlds will probably be set up as payto
> play.
> >Servers and bandwidth are expensive. It is doubtful people willbe able to
> run
> >large free servers. So some of us will need to charge atleast enough to
> cover
> >the cost of the servers and bandwidth. Under yourlicense we could not do
> that.
> <
> what if i add the following?:
> ****************************************************************************
> ***
> Definition:
> non-commercial use = as soon as a project generates more financial
> ressources than its maintenance cost (profit),
>                                        from the players or any other party,
> it is no longer been considered as non-commercial
> ****************************************************************************
> ***
> Adrian
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