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Fri Oct 20 18:20:47 PDT 2000


I sympathize with your concern.  I think most everyone in the project does.

The reality is that if MegaCorp wants to steal your artwork, or any of the 
code, or anything from the website, there's nothing we can do to stop them.  
However, they would be breaking the GDFL or GPL license the work is released 
under if they don't credit the author(s) and release the source where 
appropriate.  This gives you the legal standing to take them to court, or 
pursue whatever other legal means are available.

This is the same for any license you could write.  If they violate it, you 
have the same recourse.

I think the GDFL and GPL licenses provide protection from the type of use 
you are worried about, and still would permit people to recieve compensation 
for the cost of CDs they sent out your music and Uta's graphics and aloril's 
code on, or the bandwidth bryce payed for to run his server.  Yes, they may 
even be able to make a profit on this.  However, they won't be have 
exclusive rights to your work, so people could download the data themselves. 
  This is your true protection against someone making excessive income off 
of your work.  Rather, they can make money on the service of packaging your 
work, or bringing it to life.

You are probably aware of the huge debates that have occurred in the Free 
Software movement regarding licenses.  Mixing licenses leads to large 
problems related to mutual incompatibilities, and tracking what items are 
under which licenses.  Its something we are working hard to avoid.

I belive that the core Worldforge software and media needs to be under a 
single license.  However, I also see a place for alternatively licenses 
works.  These will have to be kept separate, though.  If you find that the 
GDFL doesn't meet your needs, don't let that detur you from producing more 
wonderful music.  It won't be in the default Acorn (or other product 
release) but I'm sure people would be happy to put a bit of work into 
downloading it themselves and encorporating it into their copy of the 


of course, I speak for myself.  your interpretation may vary.  not valid in 
US territories and protectorates. blah blah :)

>From: "Adrian" <ka.ho at pandora.be>
>Reply-To: general at mail.worldforge.org
>To: <general at mail.worldforge.org>
>Subject: [WF-General] Licensing/Copyrighting  Artwork in WF
>Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 01:37:41 +0200
>During the media meeting on Wed 18.10.2000 the issue
>about licensing for artwork came up. I haven't thought
>about it until then : i'm a hobby-musician and earned (little:)
>  money with my music just on a few gigs, and this
>was more by accident than anything else.
>Without falling into paranoia or simply overestimating
>my humble efforts, i have to admit that i won't
>feel comfortable with the idea that there might be some
>  malevolent person somewhere who tries to generate
>money with my artwork (without letting me know), while
>  i'm not. I insist on the fact that i'm submitting to WF
>music without financial profit in mind  and that my only goal
>  by doing so is to help Wf a little (and having
>fun, of course :).
>After reading through what i've found as major free licensing
>  systems on Bryces advice (GNU GPL,Artistic,BSD,Netscape PL
>  and Mozilla PL) i came to the conclusion that this is sadly not
>convenient for music and artwork at all.
>I'm considering the following draft:
>1) Adrian Karim Ouarar's artwork is copyrighted under
>     the statements of the Berne Union for the Protection of
>    Literary and Artistic Property (Berne Convention) and
>    will stay so until he decides explicitely to change this.
>2) i allow the WorldForge-Team (WF-Team), and only the
>     WorldForge-Team, to make use of my submitted artwork
>     to WorldForge for non-commercial use within the development
>    of the WF-project, and within the World Forge Project only, without
>    altering the fact that my artwork remains my intellectual property.
>    This includes the right to modify,duplicate and distribute my artwork
>    within the develoment of the Wf-Project by WF-Team-members,including
>    all worlds created with the Wf-technology and its derivatives but not
>    to any third party.
>    The WF-team, as well as anyone making use of my artwork is required to
>    distribute my artwork for playback only to its   clients and to mention
>      a) the Author
>      b) that it is copyrighted artwork
>WF-team = anyone who is actively involved in the development
>                     of the World Forge Project at 
>                     by submitting, testing and debugging code, 
>                     infrastructural work, promotional work, artistic work
>and game-designing.
>                     This excludes anyone who is no longer taking actively
>part in the project
>                     as Adrian Karim Ouarar submits his artwork.
>- Does this imply any negative consequences for any of you ? Is there any
>   for the Wf-team not to agree to this?
>- Is this a legally correct text? (i've obviously never written anything
>like it:)
>- Are there some "security holes" in here?
>- Does anyone sees an alternative to classic Copyright?
>- what are thinking the other artists (musicians in particular) about this
>- are there any plans to let WF generate money in one way ore another ?
>As i wont implement this without your blessing, please let me know soon.
>P.S.: grr,i hate this issue...want to make music, and not to play lawyer:)
>ka.ho at pandora.be
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