[WF-General] Licensing/Copyrighting Artwork in WF

John Tillman speedbump0619 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 20 16:56:53 PDT 2000

>From: Aloril <aloril at iki.fi>
>Problem with all non-commercial clauses is this:
>Note: Free in following is used as in "free speech" -sense (free to
>use, modify, distribute, etc.. including allowing commercial usage)
>GFDL and GPL both require that stuff used with them is free:
>a) All commercial users must share their modifications/additions freely.
>b) All noncommercial users must share their modifications/additions freely.
>From b) follows that we can't use non free stuff.
>Forbidding commercial usage makes stuff unfree and thus we can't
>combine it with free stuff.

Now my understanding of these types of contracts is that they don't limit or 
constrain new, non-derivate works which are combined with the original 
works.  I could for example write a whizz-bang physics module for STAGE and 
keep that work's source private if I so choose, so long as it was not a 
derivative of earlier GPL/GFDLed work.
If someone wanted to distribute a CD with WF music and their own 
compositions, they could maintain private copyright over their works (again, 
as long as they are not derivate works), but they would be required to 
maintain the GPL/GFDL copyright requirements on the WF works.

This is true, correct?

If I am incorrect in this I would appreciate knowing; and an explanation of 

>I believe that more widely work is used, more value it gathers.
>GFDL and GPL do remove one freedom though: freedom to remove freedom
>from others. We need to protect from non co-operating users (both
>commercial and noncommercial ones).
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