[WF-General] Non commercial clauses in licensing

Aloril aloril at iki.fi
Sat Oct 21 08:42:58 PDT 2000

Lets look at two situations:
Linux and major muds several years ago.

a) Linux allowed commercial usage as long as it was kept free
itself. Look at where it's now and how many commercial companies
contribute for it.

b) No major mud allowed commercial usage > 5 years ago. So commercial
companies where forced to start from scratch instead of taking free
code base and contributing them. Result is that all commercial 'muds'
currently are totally proprietary.

I suspect same holds for art: no bigger free repositories of art
existed a while back, so only real route is proprietary... instead of
taking existing and contributing necessary additions back.

We hope to change both things: Make free code base and free art
repository. We have already relatively big free art base, thanks to
good artists (especially Pegasus has been prolific contributor).

"No commercial usage" -clause means this:
You are only allowed to use this at your free time.
We forbid you contributing code/art/etc.. when you are earning your

(well... of course it doesn't say that, but above is practical result)

That most commercial entities are proprietary doesn't mean they need
to be. WorldForge hopes to change this for online gaming world.

Thanks to Malkin, Pug, Malcolm, Kosh and others at #forge for discussing.

Cyphesis RPG v0.0.9: http://cyphesis.worldforge.org

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