[WF-General] Licensing/Copyrighting Artwork in WF

Adrian ka.ho at pandora.be
Sat Oct 21 15:13:06 PDT 2000

thank you all for you overwhelming (and quick) response, i think i got a much better picture in 
mind about open licensing in mind now. 
As you all know, the major open license systems and their specifications are written with software in mind,
and i think, as you all do, i believe, that open source, in one way or another is a major step towards a better world (gaming experience:).
You're all also aware that art is somewhat different from code (of course, coding is an art too, but you know what i mean, a hacker is not
 always trying to express his deepest feelings while working on a Dbase for ex. (though, while thinking on it, maybe B.Gates was very
 depressive while developing Win)).

What helpded me in particular where Alorils articles focused on art licensing. I think we should drag them much more in the forefront of the WFsite,
along with the very convincing and passionate plaidoyer from Bryce( Re:Non commercial clauses in licensing Sat, 21 Oct 2000 ) : its very likely that 
many potential art contributers where scared away by the open concept, and furthermore, not all come from the open source commnity (me,for ex).

So, ok, after thinking long and hard about it (much too long for my taste) i'll go for an open license matching the one of WF* with commercial use allowed.
I first thought about explaining now why i decided so, but this would be mostly repeating you all :)

*the same as WF, once the relicensing of WF is complete

thanks again

Adrian Ouarar

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