[WF-General] Download Tool... My Website ideas...

Tim Ansell mithro at senet.com.au
Sat Oct 21 13:40:49 PDT 2000

I'm currently working on a download/release tool. I have now produced
the first prototype, it can be found at
(Note: IS NOT a new site demo!!!! It is a place where i 
       test my ideas!!!!)

I'm still working on this and have yet to add these features:

Automatic Size calculation (It has to be entered manually)
 * Release Date
 * Release Notes
 * Release Document
 * Release "Other Links"
 * Amount of times downloaded/accessed
 * Change look so it is less squashed and cluttered

  The reason i have done this is because i believe the Sourceforge
download manager is a total piece of SH*T. It has no concept of
directory structure, you can't automatically add mirrors, Sourceforge is
SLOW, Sourceforge uploading is extremely annoying, etc (I could go on :)

  I hope this download tool will be used, i have shown Alriddoch how to
use the tool and will create some tutorials later on when it becomes
main stream. (Instead of just for Acorn as it is now.)

  I have also written a menu auto-generator for the left hand links so
nobody will ever have to create a menu again. (It has nifty features
like being able to set the sort order and type, priority of each item,
HTML to be inserted before and after the menu item and it is very easy
to add other items to that list of features - the whole thing is only 
25-50 lines.) Hopefully this will also be useful in our new site reorg.

<People instrested in my Zope discoveries continue reading...>

While helping out with the reogranisation as kind of "free agent" I 
looked many different solutions to our web site problem. Wiki just
cut it anymore. I compared the solutions against a few criteria,
  1. Usability      
     (How easy was the tool to use, for both the admin and the end user)
  2. Customability
     (How can we change it to fit our needs and change it later when our
      needs change?)
  3. Compatibility
     (How much change would have to occur for this product to be used,
      does it alienate us from the main portion of possible servers)
  4. Online Editing
     (How well can it be used without requiring a HTML editor)
  5. Speed
     (How fast it was. DUH! ;)
  6. Code out there
     (How much code is already out there for this product? Can we use

There was only one product that stood out from the crowd, it was Zope.
Zope offered the best compromise between all these requirements as i
try and explain.


  After using Zope for the last month I have come convinced that Zope is
the future of Worldforge. For those that don't know what Zope is
(www.zope.org) it is a python based "Application Server" for lack of a
better description.

  Zope is totally Python but there is support being built for Perl and
you can do some limited PHP work as well. Worldforge is already using
masses of python code, cyphesis is the best example. There are many
python developers already in Worldforge. Python is also a very easy to
learn first language, so that new developers can quickly learn it. If
have learnt a previous object orientatded programming language (like C++
Java) Python would be so easy it wouldn't be funny. I started learning
python 6 months ago with very little prior knowledge and are now
confident enough to do many things that would have taken me years to
learn in other languages. Python is also planned for use in STAGE as an
inbuilt scripting language, I believe (Bryce is this correct?). This
Zope perfect for the simple reason of the large python wealth we already
have to draw on. But this isn't the only reason we should go with Zope.

  Zope is powerful, anyone that has used it can tell you that it is.

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