[WF-General] Re: [WF-Infra] Web site ideas: Diary, Personal page and Meeting database

Laurel Fan lf25+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Oct 21 22:45:46 PDT 2000

Excerpts from worldforge: 22-Oct-100 [WF-Infra] Web site ideas: .. by
=?iso-8859-1?Q?H=E4 at hels 
> * Web based developer diary
> Similar to the one on http://www.advogato.org/

Excellent idea.  A sense of what other people in the project are doing
would be great for many reasons, and an informal way of doing this
will definitely make it easier for people to keep it up to date.  (Ok,
I haven't updated my own advogato diary for months, but I have an
excuse, I haven't done much free-software-wise) How about using
advogato itself for this?  The advogato diaries seem to be meant for
exactly this sort of thing, and Worldforge project is, of course, part
of the larger Free Software community.

Actually, I think this would be better than having our own little
advogato.  Interaction with the larger community can only help, and a
couple of times I've said "Wouldn't it be nice if..." in my diary, and
soemone else has said "It's been done, the web page is  at ..." or "I'm
working on that too, would you like to help?".  

There's already a Worldforge project page, and I encourage people to
join and add themselves to the project, if only because I think
advogato is great.

If a Worldforge-specific Recent Diary Entries sort of thing is
desired, this could be done with a script that looks at the project
page, and then looks at the specific developers' pages.  (perhaps
including an advogato-name field in our ldap (if I understand ldap
correctly) to help associate these with stuff on our side.)

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